i remember my rant about the sexually active, and my remarks on that subject are very accurate. the question is what in the world does that have to do with my problems that i mentioned? there is a big difference, the sexually active are causing STD’S with their deliberate actions. on the other hand i am not doing anything to cause my problems, i mentioned in my post that i don’t drink, i don’t take drugs, i don’t have sex, i don’t indulge in anything. so how am i causing my problems? as for visiting doctors, i went to doctors more that 50 times in 2010, and i had pretty much every medical test and examination that they could think of. i went to doctors so many times that the doctors told me not come back to see them, they really said that to me several times. i have a fast heartbeat, all types of pains, weakness, dizzy, stomach problems, skin problems, ect. i have had a diffult time even trying to do simple things, such as walikng across the ice and snow in the winter to check my mailbox which is located across the street from my house. about a week ago i fell on the ice very hard. i sure don’t see anybody else having the types of problems that i have. anytime i observe other people they are doing things that i could never even imagine doing. there are so many people who run marathons, climb, hike, swimming, rafting, driving, ect. if they had any of the problems that i mentioned they simply would not be able to do those things, no matter how determined they are, it just would not be possible.

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